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An Intro to Pursuit of Plants at TAKE

TAKE C4RE invited the Pursuit of Plants to take people through an audio journey reflecting on the lessons we can take from plants in pursuit of our own wellness.

So what is TAKE C4RE?

It is a wellness anthology worth listening to. These inspiring audio stories address the wellness challenges many of us face, but don’t know how to talk about. The premise of the Three week digital, audio museum is that wellness is not the destination of youth, beauty, feeling good, or looking good. It’s the road we’re all on. Filled with unexpected turns. It’s the complicated, rewarding, personal, yet universal.

How the Pursuit of Plants story unfolded

One of the founders, Mercy Lee Bell, and I connected at a Data Science bootcamp we both participated in. We were discussing data, then life, and that of course lead to plants since they consume a large part of my life. "THAT" she exclaimed as I assume she saw the change in my facial expressions and listened to the tone of my voice and cadence change the deeper I got into our plant conversation. We planned to talk more about our lives and see how we could collaborate in the future. My assumption was we would connect on how to use data more in our lives, but instead the next email I got was about this cool artsy fartsy opportunity.

When Mercy was explaining the concept behind TAKE C4RE she asked if I would participate and specifically talk about plants. That's probably the first time anyone has asked me to directly talk about plants that wasn't a byproduct of another conversation. When she heard me speak she heard the joy, peace, and love that radiates from my soul when I share what plants do for my emotional and mental wellness. The first time she heard it, it was in a fleeting moment. The next time she heard it, she wanted it to be in a way that could be shared and replayed.

Grab your ticket at and come meet me on the "Activities and Live Events" page so we can talk about the three lessons I've learned. Use code "PURSUITOFPLANTS" for 50% off tickets!

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