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Hi, I'm Shashay


My unconventional background is what stimulates my creativity.

To be frank, I've felt out of place majority of my life until I created my first plant sanctuary in my 430 sq ft San Fransciso apartment. 


I'm a "first gen" Ethiopian-American. My dad is an introvert and my mom is an extrovert. I studied international relations, yet work in data at Google during the day. At work I'm highly regarded for my left brain thinking -- analytical, methodical, logical. At home my right brain lifestyle flows to the rhythm of alternative R&B. 

My approach to plants, much like my life, is eclectic.

I draw strength from my journey, which I have navigated by listening to those around me. I used to tell people that my hobby is collecting people's stories. This keen ability to draw out someone else's thoughts, personality, and dreams enables me to connect them with plants that will amplify their own uniqueness.


Pursuit of Plant is born out of the desire to connect people and businesses with the perfect plants at the right price.

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